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homefitnessintelYou can describe a bike-friendly city as a place where cyclists don’t have to compete with motor vehicles in the road. These cities make it easy for cyclists to have their place on the road without risking any accidents on their part. This is a good way for people to save up on gas and car insurance. It also helps the city become free of pollution and promote a better quality of air. Because of these benefits given by cycling, these cities are doing themselves a favor. If you are a person with the passion for cycling, you should know about the best cities to cycle at. Here are the top bike-friendly cities in the world.


Bogota is known for having one of the worst traffic congestion. Because of this, it’s hard to get around using a car and people choose to ride their bicycles to get to place. The government believes that if everyone used a bicycle once in a while, the traffic problem could be resolved. Since 2013, the city already has 377 km of bike paths available. It is one of the longest bike paths in the world and was done by removing parking spaces on the side of the roads.


This is one of the best cities in the United States when it comes to people who go to work with their bikes. Because of the modern bike lanes provided by the city government, almost 10 percent of people from Portland take their bikes everywhere they go. The northwest part of America is always a peaceful and beautiful place to live in, and the city government provides a lot of initiatives to keep their place clean and beautiful. Promoting cycling is one example of these initiatives and until today, proves to be successful.


Beijing already has cycling in their history. Although the number of bicycles that they use is not too many, and there is pollution within the area, it’s still very easy to get around using a bicycle. Beijing doesn’t have hills, so it’s not that hard to pedal through the whole city because of the numerous bike lanes. Local authorities are also encouraging people to pedal around to help with the pollution.


Everyone knows Paris as a very cultural and romantic place especially when you see bicycles in the picturesque countryside. The city is also very accessible to bicycles and some people even put up a bike for rent business for tourists. Up to now, bike lanes are becoming more and more extensive in Paris because they are promoting a pro-environment campaign in the city. This campaign includes closing off some roads for cars on Sundays.


Budapest has a very well-developed system of transportation that offers commuters many options. In spite of this, more people are choosing to ride their bikes when going to work or school. The bike paths are lined with grass, and you can see the waterfront while you are riding. That being said, it’s important to know that Budapest has rules and courtesies when it comes to cycling because some of the paths are shared with other people.

Of course if you can’t travel to these places or ride a bicycle in your city, you can buy a stationary bike, and it will give you the same amount of exercise to keep you healthy. Spin bikes could also be an option.


airconditionerlabTravelling is an exciting way to learn new things from different places. This is the reason why many people, families and couples do it: to bond, relax and to simply have a good time. With all the exploring, walking and talking to people, it can also get tiring and a good rest is needed for another day of fun activities. Most hotels and inns have air conditioned rooms for the comfort of their guests. Although not all people require this to get a good sleep, there are times when it’s just too hot to relax. If you are planning to travel and are looking for rooms that you can book, you might want to try looking at air-conditioned ones, especially during the summer season.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Budget air-conditioned rooms

Believe it or not, some hotels offer air-conditioned rooms that are not too expensive. If you really want to relax and can spare some more of your budget for your room, then go air conditioned. Those who travel alone can also opt for an air-conditioned room that is shared with other travelers. Relaxation and a good rest is really not something that you want to sacrifice when you’re travelling, so if you think you can feel better in an air conditioned room, then you might want to consider this.

Longer sleep

Admit it or not, your sleep lasts longer when it’s cold especially if the weather is really humid. For example, if you visit a tropical country and you’re not used to this much heat, going for an air conditioned room is best. You also need to make sure that you sleep a lot so you have enough energy to do more things the next day.

Protect your belongings

You bring most of the things that you use everyday when you travel and some of these needs to be kept in room temperature. An air conditioned room will help you preserve them and make sure they don’t spoil. There are some countries that can be really hot, so you don’t want to be putting your things inside the room only to find out later that they melted because of the heat. If the hotel really doesn’t have air-conditioned rooms, try to request for portable air conditioners.


There is no limit to how long you can use your air conditioner when you rent your room and some inns even let you open it all day. This can be more comfortable for you because you will be tired with all the walking around for sure. Air conditioning adds comfort to your relaxation and helps you sooth your tired body.

Overall, an air-conditioned room has more perks than a fan or regular room because it can help you rest, take care of your belongings and give you a good night sleep. If you find a room that fits your budget and it has air conditioning, don’t think twice and go for it. It will be worth it for sure especially if you are travelling with family and have kids with you.


pethairAll pet lovers want to spend time with their pets as much as they can; this includes going to different places with them. Traveling with your pet can be very enticing because this means that you’ll have a constant companion and will never be alone. Although having your pet with you can be a real treat, you need to make sure that you can take care of them. Pets tend to shed their fur especially when it’s hot, and some also have parasites living in their skin.

This is the reason most hotels and inns do not allow their guests to bring pets with them. However, there are some hotels that allow you to spend quality time with your pets as long as you make sure to clean up after them. A handy travel-friendly pet hair vacuum is the best to bring while traveling. If you don’t already have one, here are some suggestions for you.

Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum 71 B

This handheld vacuum weighs 5 pounds and is the favorite of many pet owners because of its powerful motor. This handheld vacuum packs a powerful 5.5 amp suction motor that lifts stubborn dirt off of every surface. It also has another motor to run the cleaner to make sure that the machine is always clean. It is also equipped with an on-board crevice tool and a riser visor for stairs that are carpeted as well as car upholstery. It also has a sleek appearance that makes it look good anywhere you put it.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vac 33A1

With the words Pet Hair Eraser tied to this handheld vacuum cleaner, it should be a great buy. According to many pet owners, it is one of the best handheld vacuums in the market today. This vacuum comes with 2 nozzles, a rubber one for cleaning upholstery and a hard plastic one for sucking up all the dirt like kitty litter on your floor. It is also a bag free and features a HEPA filter that are both washable and easy to remove.

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2

This handheld vacuum comes with a telescope which is very convenient for all types of surfaces. It also has an extension that gets into corners which is a place where pet hair can gather. The best thing about this vacuum is that it’s cordless and you can use it for 20 minutes. With this vacuum, you need to hold the power button down for continuous use. As expected, this vacuum is more expensive than other handheld vacuums but most people say that it’s well worth it.

Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion Quick Flip 7 AMP Hand Vac

This vacuum packs 7 amps of power and a quick flick crevice tool which makes it popular to pet owners. The advantages of this vacuum is that it’s very light weight and it’s 3 year warranty—longer than other vacuums. It also comes with an extra crevice tool which is narrower and is used as an attachment along with a pet hair brush and 2 kinds of hoses. Find more handheld vacuums right here.

If not, you can always inquire whether a hotel has the right facilities and cleaning equipment for pets. This way, you don’t have to carry your own vacuum. If you’re looking for something to use in your home, you can check out the Hoover Windtunnel vacuum. It’s got great reviews.


bestwalkingfeetMedical tourism is becoming more popular, and most countries around the world are getting in on it. Agencies that promote inexpensive health care to tourists from other countries with more expensive health care are being developed. The best countries that offer medical tourism are countries that you will never expect to have them. The best thing about this country is that they’ve built medical infrastructure that minimizes the cost of medical procedures. The doctors that you will find in these facilities also speak English to make it easier for foreign visitors to understand. If you are interested to visit these countries that offer the best medical attention, here are the top countries that offer them.


Singapore is known to have one of the world’s best economies and being a highly developed nation made it a good medical tourism hub for Asians and Westerners alike. The best treatment offered in this country is its Cancer treatment. One of the top ranked hospitals in Singapore is the Gleneagles Hospital, which was given a good ranking by a health travel group. The World Health Organization proclaimed Singapore as the country that has the best health care in Asia and is ranked 6th in the world. In Asia, you will find that you pay more for health care in Singapore than in countries like Thailand. However, the quality of life in Singapore is one of the best in the world. To back this up, the life expectancy of people living in Singapore is longer than those people who live in the UK. It also has the world’s lowest mortality rate for infants. If you are a person who is looking for a low cost surgery with quality service and professionals, Singapore might be the country for you.


Brazil stands out as the most advanced country in the American region when it comes to health care. Being sexy and looking good is extremely important to Brazilians so it’s not a surprise that it their cosmetic surgeons are in demand. Plastic surgery is done in major hospitals instead of offices in Brazil and the doctors are highly trained for all the procedures. Brazil is almost tied with the US when it comes to medical efficiency and the cost of plastic surgery is 60% less than those in other countries. Ivo Pitanguy, the world’s most popular plastic surgeon can be found in Brazil.


India became one of the best countries for health tourism when it comes to affordable high-end surgeries. There are 100,000 patients that visit India each year because they can save up to 75% of their money for large procedures. Because of this increasing demand, India is expected to have a 2 billion dollar industry that serves overseas patients by 2015. The Indian government is making it easier for citizens of other countries to get a visa and enter India.


Thailand is very well known for their expat health care services and medical tourism. Their medical tourism is so good that it grows by 15% every year. Bumrungrad Hospital can be found in Thailand and is an institution where people go to get themselves checked up for a very low price. This hospital’s medical record facility impressed Microsoft so much that they bought the whole system.

For these countries to have reached this status, they’ve invested in their people. Doctors, nurses and other health care workers are trained and well-compensated. To keep up with the high demands of a medical facility, shoes play a big role. Shoe review site bestwalkingfeet.com says that nurses need the most comfortable shoes for standing all day that can allow them to stand for long hours. The best walking shoes should be invested on.