Best Countries to Play Archery In

bestcompounbowArchery is now being practiced as an international sport, and many people are getting interested to try it. To be a good archer, you need a lot of practice and dedication. The best archers had practiced for many years before they were able to master the craft, and they still need more years to improve. Archery is constant learning. Most archers say that the place where you practice has a lot to do with how well you will improve. There are many factors to be considered that makes a good target range, and although everyone can participate in the sport, there are some countries that offer better locations to practice in.

These countries provide the best training for shooting practice, and if you want to know which countries offer the best spots, you should check out these top ones.


There are many promising archers that come from America and one of the best clubs to exist here is the NYC Archery Club in New York City. They are a friendly group of archers, and you will find different types of bows from recurve, traditional, primitive and compound bows. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be an experienced archer to join this club—everyone who wants to learn is welcome. The requirements for membership is to be 18 years of age and up and you just have to visit their website with your personal information.


Archery is already a tradition in Holland. In fact, the first competitions, clubs and tournaments in this country began in the 13th century when there were guilds. Today, there are 8,000 members of different archery clubs in Holland many of these schools are part of the Nederlandse Handboog Bond (NHB), according to One of the best archery clubs is Concordia, which was established in 1848. This school offers archery events for all kinds of archers based on their experience level. Before they approve an application, they first test the knowledge of the applicant in both oral and demonstration. They require a membership fee of 54 euros and they allow 10-year-old children as long as they have parental permission. Concordia offers tournaments, gatherings and skill training for all of its members. You will be glad to hear they don’t discriminate here so you can find compound bow training for women as well.


Archery is a sport that is becoming popular in Denmark, and this is proven by the performance of their National team in international competitions. One of the best clubs in Denmark, today is the Gladsaxe Archery Club, which was created in 1957 which was started by shooting indoors in a school cellar. They already sported many activities, material and tournaments and they have one of the best facilities for outdoors and indoors shooting. The school is located near the city center of Copenhagen and is accessible to tourists and locals alike. Gladsaxe Archery Club also requires a membership fee, and they have an age requirement of 18 years old. To know their requirements, visit their website or call their hotline to speak with one of their staffs.