Bike Friendly Tourist Spots

homefitnessintelYou can describe a bike-friendly city as a place where cyclists don’t have to compete with motor vehicles in the road. These cities make it easy for cyclists to have their place on the road without risking any accidents on their part. This is a good way for people to save up on gas and car insurance. It also helps the city become free of pollution and promote a better quality of air. Because of these benefits given by cycling, these cities are doing themselves a favor. If you are a person with the passion for cycling, you should know about the best cities to cycle at. Here are the top bike-friendly cities in the world.


Bogota is known for having one of the worst traffic congestion. Because of this, it’s hard to get around using a car and people choose to ride their bicycles to get to place. The government believes that if everyone used a bicycle once in a while, the traffic problem could be resolved. Since 2013, the city already has 377 km of bike paths available. It is one of the longest bike paths in the world and was done by removing parking spaces on the side of the roads.


This is one of the best cities in the United States when it comes to people who go to work with their bikes. Because of the modern bike lanes provided by the city government, almost 10 percent of people from Portland take their bikes everywhere they go. The northwest part of America is always a peaceful and beautiful place to live in, and the city government provides a lot of initiatives to keep their place clean and beautiful. Promoting cycling is one example of these initiatives and until today, proves to be successful.


Beijing already has cycling in their history. Although the number of bicycles that they use is not too many, and there is pollution within the area, it’s still very easy to get around using a bicycle. Beijing doesn’t have hills, so it’s not that hard to pedal through the whole city because of the numerous bike lanes. Local authorities are also encouraging people to pedal around to help with the pollution.


Everyone knows Paris as a very cultural and romantic place especially when you see bicycles in the picturesque countryside. The city is also very accessible to bicycles and some people even put up a bike for rent business for tourists. Up to now, bike lanes are becoming more and more extensive in Paris because they are promoting a pro-environment campaign in the city. This campaign includes closing off some roads for cars on Sundays.


Budapest has a very well-developed system of transportation that offers commuters many options. In spite of this, more people are choosing to ride their bikes when going to work or school. The bike paths are lined with grass, and you can see the waterfront while you are riding. That being said, it’s important to know that Budapest has rules and courtesies when it comes to cycling because some of the paths are shared with other people.

Of course if you can’t travel to these places or ride a bicycle in your city, you can buy a stationary bike, and it will give you the same amount of exercise to keep you healthy. Spin bikes could also be an option.